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Apr 15 , 2014Share
“I'm kind of just chilling in bed and I've been trying to continue writing my story for about 2 hours now, and I still haven't written anything. I'm just hoping this blog will help me become inspired to commence writing”


We sure hope it does to! Thank you for checking us out! :) - Shayla

Feb 04 , 2014 3Share
“I'm supposed to be writing a creative nonfiction piece (2-3pgs) for school this week. And I'm having a really difficult time. I enjoy fiction pieces but find it difficult to search in myself for personal opinions or nonfictional events. I'm struggling for inspiration and need your help! D:”


What is something you’re passionate about? Are you passionate about a political issue like the economy or social issues like gay rights? Are you passionate about a certain school subject, such as English or Chemistry? Are you passionate about a particular person or thing?

Once you determine something you’re passionate about, that you wouldn’t mind researching for a nonfiction piece (and that you won’t grow bored of in 2-3 pages), go from there. Research tangents from that one thing, or pick a particular tangent that you could write a ton about.

Hope this helps!

- Rachel

Jan 29 , 2014 1Share
“That was exactly what I was asking! Sorry, I should have been more clear, I just didn't want to sound too demanding. If that makes any sense. I've been looking all over for pictures to help inspire me, but I'm getting pretty much the same pictures, just in different places. I was hoping for a little help, that's all. And thanks so much for the reply, I don't think I've had an ask answered so quickly!”


Ahahah I’m always on Tumblr so I reply pretty fast :’)

I’ll post a few photos if I can find any! And I’ll tag you in the tags so you can find the posts. (: Thank you for sending in another ask!

- Rachel

Jan 29 , 2014Share
“It'd be really cool to find some pictures to help inspire me to keep writing a story that I've kind of abandoned. Looking through pictures that match the plot- dystopian/utopian societies, a girl with black hair and blue eyes, a boy with brown hair and green eyes, anything relating to a future society, really- put some life back into the story for me. Got anything that might help?”


I don’t really know what you’re asking!

If you’re asking for pictures of people that match your descriptions, clarify that and I’ll try to find you some! In the meantime check out this blog that I also run: http://characterinspiration.tumblr.com/

Please send in another ask clarifying! Thank you! (:

- Rachel

Jan 27 , 2014 1Share
“is this blog still running? just wanted to say a huuuuuuuuge THANK YOUUUUUU for the sole existence of this blog! I have to write 3 journal entries a week for my writing class so I think I'm gonna visit this blog more often ;)”


I’m going to try to get it up and running again, as well as change the theme as it’s something of an eyesore. If you need any other writing inspiration Tumblrs, however, check out this post!

- Rachel

Dec 21 , 2013 1Share
“You guys should post more often but you are really inspiring and got me out of writers block! Thanks so much!!! Love your blog!!”


Thank you so much! I’m sorry we don’t post much, we’ve been really busy lately!

- Rachel

Nov 27 , 2013 3Share
“Your blog - even though I have literally just found it - will change my life. Because of one post, I have decided to completely rewrite one of my first works. But I am seriously so glad I've found you!”


Oh my gosh thank you! We need to start updating it more often.

Nov 26 , 2013Share
“I'm so happy I've discovered this lovely, worthwhile blog. Yay :)”


Awe, why thank you!

Sep 29 , 2013 1Share
Changing the theme!

Anyone have any good theme recommendations?

Sep 16 , 2013Share
“Love your blog :3 But your theme is kinda exhausting to look at/read :/”


I realize that… I’ll change it soon. xD

- Rachel

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